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Cooking With Herbs And Spices

Cooking with herbs and spices is as Martha says, “It’s A Good Thing!” You can easily change the flavor of plain meat and potatoes into a completely new dish by simply changing the herbs, spices and seasonings used in the recipe. Here are a few tips on how to best use herbs and spices when cooking and preparing meals. Continue reading Cooking With Herbs And Spices

Bison And Vegetable Kabobs

Have you tried bison? It is a wonderful, delicious and healthy alternative to beef. Here’s a great video showing you how to make Bison and Vegetable Kabobs with Cous Cous Salad. I written out the recipe for you as best as I could.

Ingredients for Kabob Marinade:

1/2 cup olive oil or Watkins grapeseed oil
1/4 cup red wine vinegar
1 tablespoon Watkins garlic granules
1 tablespoon Watkins basil
1 tablespoon Watkins oregano
1 teaspoon Watkins thyme
2 teaspoons Watkins sea salt
1 teaspoon Watkins cracked black pepper Continue reading Bison And Vegetable Kabobs

Watkins Spices and Rack

Watkins Spice RackWatkins spices and spice rack are sure to compliment nearly any kitchen decor. The custom chrome plated wire rack holds 16 decorative, vintage look tins filled with your favorite Watkins organic herbs and spices, which are sold separately.

The compact, easy to clean design fits neatly inside your cupboard or on your counter top. You’ll find the convenient turn table base spins easily and the handle makes it a dream to move around your work space.

Your choice of USDA certified organic herbs, spices and seasonings includes:

  • Organic Basil, 2 oz. tin (00503)
  • Organic Black Pepper, 4 oz. tin (00590)
  • Organic Chili Powder, 2 oz. tin (00591)
  • Organic Cinnamon, 2 oz. tin (00598)
  • Organic Cumin, 2 oz. tin (00592)
  • Organic Curry Powder, 2 oz. tin (00505)
  • Organic Dill, 2 oz. tin (00509)
  • Organic Dry Mustard, 2 oz. tin (00596)
  • Organic Garlic Powder, 2 oz. tin (00500)
  • Organic Ginger, 2 oz. tin (00595)
  • Organic Ground Cloves, 2 oz. tin (00507)
  • Organic Nutmeg, 2 oz. tin (00589)
  • Organic Onion Powder, 2 oz. tin (00501)
  • Organic Oregano, 2 oz. tin (00594)
  • Organic Paprika, 2 oz. tin (00593)
  • Organic Parsley (00508)
  • Organic Rosemary, 2 oz. tin (00504)
  • Organic Sage, 2 oz. tin (00506)
  • Organic Thyme, 2 oz. tin (00502)
  • Organic Chicken Seasoning, 2 oz. tin (00511)
  • Organic Beef Seasoning, 2 oz. tin (00510)

The Spice Rack (00515) filled with herbs and spices will make the perfect gift for a new bride, house warming, Christmas, birthday, graduation or for yourself! You’ll find them all in the US catalog or the Canadian catalog.

What’s The Difference: Spices vs. Herbs

This is a quick cooking tip brought to you by DJ and Panda in their own unique style. This pair have a series of quick, healthy dishes that can be made in normal kitchens.

Duration : 0:1:23

[youtube BQVbMvgo7_M]

What’s the difference between spices and herbs? This video gives you a pretty simple answer.

Looking for a bit more detailed answer? Spices are the edible seeds, berries, bark, roots, or other parts of the plants. For example, black pepper comes from a berry we call pepper corns, allspice is a seed, cinnamon comes from bark and ginger is a root. Herbs are usually the green, leafy part of aromatic plants. Parsley, sage, oregano and thyme are all examples of herbs.

My favorite brand of spices and herbs is Watkins.