About Watkins: The North American Herb and Spice Company

Watkins is famous for black pepper, cinnamon and vanilla, this North American herb and spice company has been in business providing homemakers with their cooking and baking essentials since 1868. Generations of families have relied upon Watkins for great flavor, the finest quality ingredients, and good value. You won’t be surprised to hear that the most discriminating cooks won’t use anything else but Watkins.

Watkins offers you a wide selection of gourmet quality pure, natural herbs and spices, as well as organic herbs and spices and seasonings. For people with limited time or inexperienced cooks and bakers you’ll also find expertly crafted seasonings blends to help you quickly and easily prepare a delicious meal. In addition, you’ll pure extracts, organic vanilla, unique flavorings, soup and gravy bases, cooking spray, and much more for you pantry.

I’m Melody Thacker, an independent Watkins Consultant and the owner of this site. My Mother used Watkins foods, my grown children and I do too because we love making food that tastes great! With Watkins, you’ll find “just the right spice,” no matter what your needs or culinary skills are!

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