Four Reasons Why You Need A Well Stocked Pantry

My mother taught me four great reasons why you need a well stocked pantry and freezer. In our modern world we often shop for groceries every day, just picking up what we need for the for the time being. Do you ask yourself if is this really is the best way to manage your shopping? Having a well stocked pantry will save you money, save time, plus you’ll enjoy less stress or worry and ensure that you have food during an emergency.

Stocking your pantry with commonly used ingredients will save you lots of time. You’ll spend less time shopping for food and it will make it easier for you to plan and serve meals when you have your most commonly used ingredients on hand. Nothing is worse than searching through recipes for tonight’s dinner and then finding out you are missing key ingredients.

If you purchase non-perishable foods and pantry essentials on sale and, or in bulk you’ll save money. You’ll also save money because you are organized and prepared so you’ll do less spur of the moment purchases for higher priced ingredients and you’ll also buy less prepared or expensive take out foods. An added benefit, already prepared foods and take out are not as healthy for your family either! Don’t forget every trip to the store costs you money for fuel plus wear and tear on your vehicle so you’ll also save money by reducing your transportation expenses.

You’ll be prepared in the case of emergencies! You never know when you’ll have to face an emergency due to bad weather, a natural disaster, illness or a loss of income. What if the supermarket’s shelves are bare because goods can’t be delivered due to a snow storm? Imagine dragging yourself or sick kids to the store when you have the flu. It doesn’t sound like much fun! If you have a well stocked pantry and freezer this won’t be a worry for you.

Life will definitely be less stressful if you have a some extra groceries on hand. Your menu planning will be easier, you’ll save time by running to the store less often, you’ll be prepared for an emergency and having extra money also means less financial worries.

What do you think? Do you prefer to have a well stocked pantry or do you prefer to do your grocery shopping daily? Do tell, we’d love to know!